Hello, we’re SHIN! シン

A modern, cosy Japanese tapas bar and matcha cafe in izakaya style in Rotterdam.


Our favourite Japanese dishes and drinks

The Japanese cuisine is so diverse and we missed a lot of the Japanese dishes here in the Netherlands. That is why we at SHIN put all our favourite dishes and drinks from our country Japan on the menu!


The basis of all our dishes is dashi. This is a broth we make fresh every single day from dried bonito tuna and seaweed sheets. Everything on the menu can be ordered throughout the day and is meant to be shared with friends and family. シン


At SHIN we serve classic cocktails with a twist and Japanese whiskeys. For example, order the Geisha-star Martini with sake for that extra taste sensation or a local whisky made with groundwater from the Fuji mountain area. We also have non-alcoholic beverages and excellent mocktails, such as the already popular Sakura Hanafubuki Martini.

Matcha café with different levels Matcha-lovers are at the right place at SHIN! We serve real Japanese matcha from the Japanese town of Shizuoka, made by a company of tea farmers who have been in the business for more than 100 years. On our matcha menu you can find both matcha dishes and drinks made by our Japanese pastry chef. She makes the best Matcha Parfait, a popular dessert in Japanese cafes.

You can order our matcha at different levels. The higher the level, the stronger and purer the matcha. Of course our staff can help you decide what is best for you!


Japanese style in a monumental building What can you expect of our interior?

Our modern, minimalist interior is designed by Studio Sander Wassink in collaboration with Japanese interior designer Yoriko Ishizawa. They decided to preserve the concrete construction of the monumental building, so that the original design remains visible. In our restaurant we have solid wooden furniture that has been designed in a Japanese way by a craftsman. This means that the joints of the furniture are made by means of dovetail joints.


The meaning of SHIN The word SHIN can be interpreted in 92 ways. We chose the meaning “renewel”, “heart” and “trust”, the core values at SHIN. One of the Japanese characters for this resembles a smiley face, which you may notice is our restaurant’s logo!