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Hello, we’re SHIN! シン

A modern, cosy Japanese tapasbar and matcha cafe in izakaya style in Rotterdam.

SHIN = "Restaurant + Café + Japanese Art Space"


Real Japanese food for a reasonable price

Our food is prepared by a Japanese chef, in a modern Japanese style with our favourite dishes on the menu. Dishes that are not commonly found else where.

If you prefer more luxury and elaborated dishes, we have a large selection of them. For example the finest Wagyu Japanese Beef from Kagoshima (Japan). We offer it near cost price. Because we would like to lower the threshold, and let as many people as possible to try this legendary beef. Once you try, you will fall in love :)

We have a diverse menu for small and big appetite.


The basis of Japanese cuisine is dashi


 This is a broth we make fresh every single day from a special blend of dried bonito tuna and seaweed. 

SHIN Rotterdam GeishaStar Martini Food.jpg

At SHIN we serve highest quality cocktails/mocktails with fresh ingredients and home-made syrups/infused spirits.

For example, our Geisha-star Martini is shaken with100% pure passionfruit puree for a deeper flavour, or SHIN Sake Yuzu-cello with infused sake.We also love to make non-alcoholic beverages and delicious mocktails, such as the already popular Sakura Hanafubuki Martini and Yuzu-Mockjito.

As we love great cocktails, we make most of the syrup in house, giving our cocktails a unique flavour that can only be enjoyed at SHIN :)


Matcha with different levels

Matcha-lovers are at the right place at SHIN! We serve organic Japanese matcha from the Japanese town of Shizuoka, made by a tea farm with more than 100 years of history. On our matcha menu you can find both matcha dishes and drinks made by our Japanese pastry chef. She makes the best Matcha Parfait, a popular dessert in Japanese cafes.

You can order our matcha at different levels. The higher the level, the higher the quality of the matcha, thus the intenser is the matcha flavour. 

SHIN Matcha Parfait.jpeg

Japanese Zen in a monumental building

The modern, minimalist interior is designed by Studio Sander Wassink in collaboration with Japanese interior designer Yoriko Ishizawa. We decided to revive the concrete construction of the monumental building, so that the original design re-appeared. In our restaurant we have solid wooden furniture that has been made in a Japanese way by a craftsman. Comparable with some ancient Japanese temples, all the joints of the furniture are made by means of dovetail joints, without using any screws or nails. This craftmanship is almost extinguished in the current time, and we are glad we could bring this Japanese art back to our guests. 


SHIN = Restaurant + Café + Japanese Art Space

Want to enjoy our food and cocktails, in an artistic design space full of Japanese elements? 

Book your table now and enjoy the valuable time together at SHIN. 

Feedback from guests

"The food and cocktails really shine and are unlike anything you can find elsewhere in Rotterdam (or even the Netherlands)."


"We loved the food, we ordered all kind of Japanese tapas. Difficult to choose a favorite dish. We'll definitely come back."

Sandra B.

"The staff was very friendly, the food was awesome and the ambiance was great! "

Insaaf M.

"Very nice people including a great chef, tastefull interior and great and surprising food."

John S.

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